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tv   Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  February 8, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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and what i regret is that the people who already have a job do everything to protect it. but we know from experience that only a full opening of the job market will bring more chances. so we have to work with greece so that one of the objectives among everybody is that the greeks themselves open up. because if it is outside, the greeks will event it, of course. and we have not reached that point yet. we can help but we cannot impose anything. but i do not believed tha
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things are going well for the cree = people. things are extremely difficult for now. in the end, you cannot go without the reforms. you cannot avoid that guarded there is no other way. i hope that together we will have a nice future. we do not want particularly to make life more difficult for people. we are not interested in making your life hard. but we have to come to a point where with european help and a few changes, we come to a situation where greek can live on its own. and that greece has a lot more chances than today. if greece were to decide to step out of europe, would that be a
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disaster? as far as i know, greece has not decided to leave the girl and we don't want greece to leave the europe. the question does not exist. anyway, i can't give you any political answer because it is not on the order of the day. the euro is not an economic project. it is a political projects. i would never do anything to push grease out of europe. that would have unexpected consequences. this whole question of integration of more europe, don't you think there might be a conflict with democracy? >> is it still possible to remain democratic in europe? what about the credibility of the whole european construction?
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where you come from? >> i come from munich. >> i was hoping you were british. i was expecting a second british question very >> it is a basic question. it is fundamental. >> go ahead. >> do you think in europe there is a democratic deficit? do you think that we could turn towards less conventional form of democracy? don't you think the people could be more active because we don't have the legitimacy, we don't have the political training that makes politics today legitimate? >> yes, in the lisbon treaty,
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there is the possibility of sending petitions to europe. you could create a mass movement given an idea and you can give it to the european parliament's 11 of signatures -- if you have enough signatures. we said perhaps we should have direct election of the commission president so it would be more identified with the voters. i think we have a much simpler task. the european parliament has become extremely powerful but they mp's in europe don't realize how powerful they are. they don't feel powerful. it is interesting to watch. the mp in the party in europe represent different positions than the position that they defend in their home parliaments.
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the american president asked what happens in the european parliament because they think the decisions are different from the decisions taken by the german or french parliamentari. in germany, we have a very tight links between the parliaments of the lender and a federal policy, they defend the same position. for instance, in my party, all the representatives of my party are against euro-bonds. it is not the case in the european parliament. that is why there is no identification between the members of parliament, the european parliament, and the voters. i go to the european council a lot so i know what is going on in europe.
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the parliamentarian in germany goes to the bundestaad and back to his constituency and he is less aware of the european levels. i think we should have much tighter links between the european parliament and to the national parliament. we already have meetings of the speakers of the different parliaments but we should go much deeper. we should go much wider. you will see that there are huge differences between parliaments. in germany, you have to go through two houses to do something like this. in france, it goes much faster. you would have a lot of restrictions but i think we have to overcome this democratic deficit. it is true may be ngo's could bridge that gap. thank you very, very much >> you
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have been very generous with your time especially the moment where you work 24 hours per day. that is not >> that is not true. not really. >> thank you very much. it was really great for all of us. speak for two more hours but i think everyone is happy to have heard you. thank you. [applause] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] >> former pennsylvania senator rick santorum won eight victories last night in the missouri primary and the minnesota caucuses. we will hear from mr. santorum later this hour. along with mitt romney and congressman ron paul. >> my most important point is who should run and the most important conservative leader is is we can still a member of
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the month before the election, which amounts who was running for president. the media obsessive desire to know who is your leader -- they want them to tell us who their leader is an fixate on that person and destroy him or her parent [applause] >> this year's conservative political action conference begins thursday and c-span will cover their events for the weekend. watch past speakers on line at the cspan video library at c- library. >> remarks from congressman ron paul. he finished second in the minnesota caucuses and third in the missouri primary tuesday. he spoke to supporters in golden valley, minn.. [cheers]
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thank you very much. thank you, thank you. thank you, thank you. thank you for all your hard work and believe it or not, we did very well tonight and have a very, very strong second place and it is going to continue. there was a recent poll out today and is the first time we can and a national poll and a republican primary. [applause] we have to remember that the straw vote is one thing and then
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there is one other thing called on delegates. [applause] that is where we xl. we know what to do about getting delegates even in a state that ended up a little confusing. i understand we will do very well in nevada in getting delegates. [applause] of course tonight, i have heard nothing but good stories about all of you staying around and going through the process and understanding the process and the voting and getting delegates. when the dust settles, i think there is a very good chance we will have the maximum number of delegates coming out of minnesota. [applause] there is some other good news and it is an ongoing caucus and it is over on the east coast. i think it is the state of maine area where are doing very well
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there and we will hear results on that on saturday. i think those results will be very good as i want to really thank you pick 4 the effort and the one thing i am convinced of, those who joined the campaign for liberty and promote his cause, really believe in something a. i keep thinking in must be a lot more fun believing in something than just campaigning for nothing. [applause] >> republican presidential -- >> that is what makes the ec going because this is what the effort has been all about. i have been so impressed. i have been faulted for a long time but it has been these last several years especially since the last campaign four years ago, the world has changed dramatically in our views are not only being accepted, they are being sought after. for so long, people have said as long as we are rich and as long as we can borrow money and as long as we can print money and people will take care of us and
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we don't have to worry but guess what happened four years ago? all of a sudden, the bankruptcy was declared and this is the reason why the economy is in bad shape. the world economy is in bad shape. everybody thinks we will bail them out and they think the dollar will bail them out. most americans are saying, "no way you can do it." no way you can keep the entitlement system and the debt rising at over $1 trillion per year. we have to challenge the entitlement system and the foreign policy that gives us these perpetual wars. [applause] the biggest problem we have had is convincing people who are in office that they are spending too much in washington did the american people are way ahead of the people in washington today. quite frankly, i think it is
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important to note that there is only one candidate and only one campaign that offers real cuts and in the first year of the new presidency, there will be a $1 trillion cut from the budget. [applause] every once in awhile people tell me that you could do better if you would just change your tune on this foreign policy. [boos] guess what, is the foreign policy that has built our campaign. [applause] some people think foreign policy is separate from economic policy. what usually happens and it has been known and most recent history is foreign-policy is the economic policy. fortunately, we never had to fight the soviets. i was very much aware of the fight with the soviets in the cold war having been in the
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military in the 1960's but lo and behold, the soviets self- destructive because they expanded themself to far around the world and went bankrupt. fortunately, we did not have to fight them and we are facing the same problem. we have extended ourselves too far around the world, we have gotten involved in these wars that are unconstitutional, they have never been declared, we don't know why we're there, we don't know when they are over so the most important in a new president can do is bring our troops home [applause] and it would save a lot of money very we don't need to pay all this money to keep troops around the world, 130 countries, 900 basis. bringing all the troops home rather rapidly, they would be spending their money here at home and not in germany and japan and south it would give a tremendous boost to the under
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wartime conditions, people generally get more careless about their civil liberties and that is what has happened in this country. if we have permitted to our government to undermine our civil liberties in the name of safety and security but we were told at the founding of this country that you should never sacrifice your liberties for safety or security. you will end up with neither. this is the reason i have come to the conviction that you never have to sacrifice your liberty if you want to be safe. never [applause] we now are living in an age where civil liberties are poorly protected and we have a pager id act that has canceled out the fourth amendment, we have had [boos] we have the national defense authorization act which now permits the arrest of american citizens, by the military without a trial and put in prison indefinitely. that is not part of what america
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is all about. those laws have to be repealed it want to live in a true republic. [applause] our government is too big. the bigger it gets, the smaller our liberties become. that is why we are losing our liberties. we are losing our economic liberties as well as our personal liberties. what we must do is cut back. how did we get into this trouble? there is always an appetite for big government. there's always the temptation of getting something for free. there is always the motivation of helping poor people. if the trouble is, once you endorse the principle of the redistribution of wealth even though you pretend it will help the poor, the redistribution gets handed off to the rich and they are the ones to benefit. they are the ones to become wealthy and when they get into trouble, guess who gets the spell out? the wealthy, the wall streeters
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and the bankers. there should be no bail outs at all. [applause] there is a simple little track that they played on us. patrick was played on us in the monetary system. they figured that we are a wealthy country and freedom produces wealth and that was fine, we can tax the people to a certain point and people get annoyed. the politicians still want to pass at all the goodies and they say we will keep borrowing. until interest rates go that will hurt the economy so we have to have another democrat and that's a gimmick was invented in 1913. it was made a disaster in 1971 and that is the destruction of the currency through an illegal operation, and unconstitutional operation of the federal reserve system which we should address
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and have a full audit and find out where and how they are spending all our money. [applause] we get into so much trouble because the constitution is being ignored. it would be very proper to send only people to washington and those who are there hold their feet into the fire that we want people to obey the law of the land which is the constitution and you cannot print money, you cannot go to war without a declaration and you cannot undermine our privacy any longer. [applause]
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the solution is not difficult. the solution was once a well known in america and that is when we understood and respected personal liberty. we understood that liberty came as the declaration of independence indicated from our creative. we have a right to our lives. we have a right to her liver tiberi we should have a right to keep the fruits of all our labors. [applause] we have undermined that productive system by having too much government, too much spending, too much borrowing, to much printing press of money, and too many regulations. the reversal is to obey the constitution and get the government out of the web. people say there would be no regulation. the regulations would be tougher because the people who are supposed to go bankrupt would go bankrupt and i would not get bailed out. [applause] -- they would not to get bailed
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out. the wonderful thing about a free society is the prosperous society. we should all be humanitarian. unfortunately, we who advocate this position have not done a very good job over the years because we should have convinced people that those who grab the moral high ground and say we are going to take care of the port, they do welfare and inflation and socialism, they produced supported it is only freedom that produces the prosperity and gives us the proudest distribution of wealth and gives the biggest middle-class and wealthy and middle-class. that is being undermined and destroyed and it can be solved by just a true understanding and conviction and the restoration of individual liberty. [applause]
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the wonderful thing about the principles of liberty is it brings people together. everybody will not use their liberty and the same way but if you understand that, you will tolerate other people and how they spend their money and how they run their lives and what they do as long as they don't hurt people. for this reason, people of diversity would come together because they don't want to lose their liberty. they would respect other people's liberty as well. this is why the solution is not that difficult. we have had this experimentation. we had the greatest success at lost their faith and confidence and that is what we need restored. we have to truly understand this. it is not going back to the old days very we don't have to go back to an old gold standard or back to the other principals 3 we need to go back and pick up the pieces and modernized desperate we need an advancement of the cause of liberty and an understanding of liberty of this is the only solution if our goal the peace and prosperity.
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it is the only way you can achieve peace and prosperity very bad to be our goal barry is it not be the bulk of governments and mischief makers to run your life, to police when you do, to police other people around the world war to tell you how to run your economy and spend your money. it is the cause of liberty that we must restore and we are well on our way and we must -- and we will keep the momentum and thank you very much. [applause] thank you. ♪ ♪ [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> republican presidential candidate mitt romney came in second in missouri and third in the minnesota presidential caucuses. the former massachusetts governor spoke to supporters in denver. [born free] ♪
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>> i have some big shoes to fill tonight. my mom had gotten some well- deserved time off at home so i have big shoes to fill. i have to thank all of you for coming out and i thank all of those who caucused across the state for all your support and a few other people as well. i would like to thank the attorney general john southers, senator hank brown, congressman bob beaupre, walker stapleton, frank mcnulte and all the state legislators and elected officials and former elected officials to support my dad's campaign very thank you. [applause]
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in addition, i would like to thank the aggressor is chairman, james garcia, and all of the great grassroots supporters we have across the state. and this guy right here. now i have the distinct honor to introduce my hero and the next president of united states, my dad, mitt romney. [applause] free] ♪ hey, guys thank you. thank you so much. thank you. that is a little smaller than
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the 28th pick -- 2800 people last night. you guys are just as loud. thank you. [applause] it is great to be in denver tonight. there is a lot of snow on the ground and particle but warned to be in this room with some money friends. i want to say thank you. the race is too close to call in colorado at this but i am, and we will comment number one or number two and i'm looking for a good showing. there are still some people getting back from caucuses but i want to say thanks to the effort you have made to get out and support my efforts. i want to say thanks to people in missouri and minnesota who have taken time to vote today. this was a good night for rick santorum. i want to congratulate him and wish him the very best. i expect to become our with your with your help. [applause] i want to congratulate all of my fellow republicans, potentially
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senator santorum and i looked or to the contest to come. we'll take our message of liberty and prosperity to every corner of the country. when this primary season is over, we will stand united as a party behind our nom9inee to defeat barack obama and restore the values that made america the greatest country in the history of the earth. [applause] three years ago, you may remember, barack obama came to colorado to accept his party's nomination for the presidency. he rented out a huge stadium, he got some of those styrofoam in greek columns and had two giant tv screens. on that big stage here in denver, he made some even bigger promises. he said the democrats had a different measure of what constitutes progress. he said under his definition,
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progress would be measured by how many people can find a job that pays the mortgage. that was his definition. what has happened? more americans have lost their jobs during his term than any other president in modern history and more americans have lost their homes during his term than during any other in modern history. under his own definition, president obama has failed. we will succeed [applause] in that same speech, he went on defining progress. he said progress would be determined by whether the average american family saw his income go up instead of down. during the last four years, the median income in this country has fallen by about 10%. by his own definition, president
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obama has failed and we will succeed. [applause] candidate and obama went on to say that we could measure progress by determining whether someone with a good idea can take a rest and started business. have you seen what has happened to small business in this country? there is almost 100,000 fewer new business start-ups this last year than there were during the years before president obama came to office. by his own definition, president obama has failed and we will succeed [applause] one more promise -- candidate obama said we could see progress in an economy that honors the dignity of work. under president obama, the average duration of unemployment has more than. there i doubled.
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by president obama's own definition, he has failed and we will succeed. [applause] this week, you heard president obama say that he deserves a second term because we have made progress. no, mr. president, under the death has no progress you made four years ago in denver, you have not made progress. for years ago, president obama said that if he could not turn this economy around in three years, he would be looking at one term proposition that we are here to collect. we will take back the white house. [applause] this is a moment in time when our country is crying out for fundamental change and reform.
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washington cannot reform itself and washington will never be reformed by those who have been compromised by the culture of washington. this is a clear choice -- i am the only person in this race, republican or democrat, who has never served a day in washington. in the world i come from, leadership is about starting a business not trying to get a bill out of committee. i have said over and over that this campaign is more about changing the soul of america or protecting the soul of america, saying they soul of america by changing the president. the soul of this nation can be corrupted by a washington culture of reckless spending, voting to raise their own pay, saying they support term limits and running for reelection time after time. it is that washington that we have to change and when i am president, we will parian [applause]
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will. [applause] this is not a moment when we can continue to do business as usual. this is not a moment when we can expect those to be watching to realize suddenly that they have been wrong all the time and will get it right next that very this is a time for real change in washington, fundamental, bold, dramatic change. i stand before you, ready to lead this party and lead the nation. i have led businesses, i have led the olympics, i had the chance of helping to lead a state. present obama recently said he is learning. [laughter] we say is learning to little and too late. the presidency is not a place to learn how to lead. is a place to exercise the judgment and leadership that has been learned over a lifetime and that is precisely what i will do [applause]
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i know that many of us are concerned about our future. over the last 30 years, i can't tell you how many times i've heard a situation that is hopeless or heard a long list of reasons something cannot be done. i have never been very good at listening to those people. i have always enjoyed proving them wrong. my father never graduated from college. he apprenticed as a plastered carpenter and he is pretty good rate he can take a handful of nails, stick them in his mouth, and spit them out. , on his honeymoon, he put a limit bank in the front of a car and sold along the way to pay for the gas and the hotel. there were a lot of reasons why my father could have given up and set his sights lower but my dad believe in america. the america i believe in a plaster gods could be the head
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of a car company and a guy who sold aluminum paint out of his car could be governor and one of the state he sold that eliminate. [applause] -- that the aluminum paint. [applause] for my dad and for hundreds of thousands, millions of others like him and like my mom as well, this was the land of opportunity where the circumstance of birth was no barrier to being able to achieve one's dreams. in dad's america, small businesses, on trooper norris, these were encouraged and respected. the spirit of enterprise and innovation and daring to propel their standard of living and our economy pass that of every nation on the planet. i refuse to believe that america is just another place on the map with a flag. we stand for freedom and hope and opportunity. [applause]
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these last few years have not been the best of times but while we have lost a few years, we have not lost their way. the principles that made this the greatest nation on earth and the leader of the world have not lost their meaning. they never will. we know we can bring this country back. i believe in america and so do you. in this election, let's fight for the america we love because we believed in america and its founding principles. thank you so much. thank you for all you have done to help carry we have a long way to go and i sure love this country. thank you so very much. thank you, guys. [applause] free] ♪
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♪♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> recs santorum won the minnesota primary and the missouri colchis. he spoke to reporters in st. charles, missouri just outside of st. louis. ♪
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♪ ♪ [applause] [applause] >> wow. conservatism is alive and well in missouri and minnesota. thank you so very much. it is great to be here. we doubled them up here and in minnesota. [applause] i also want to thank god for giving us the grace to be able to persevere. what a rock.
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we have had more drama than as a family really needs. she has been an amazing rockets and amazing to me. i want to thank you. -- she has been an amazing rock and amazing to me. i want to thank you. i want to thank my wife. [applause] i want to thank my two kids and all the kids at home. days. [laughter] it has been a while. i just want a particular note to my bella. thank you for getting healthy. [applause] your votes today were not just heard loud and wide.
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in massachusetts they were heard particularly about. [applause] tonight was not just about the victory for us. tonight was a victory for the voices of our party, conservatives and tea party people, who are out there every day building the conservative movement and the base of the republican party and the voice for freedom in this land. thank you. [applause] there is probably another person who may be listening to your chairs. that may be at 1600 pennsylvania avenue.
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i would not be surprised if he is not listening. [applause] why would you think if he is listening now? has he ever? y? he thinks he is smarter than me and he is a privilege person that should roll over you. we have a different message. if you look at what came to the wall street bailout, to the president of united states, when it came to the banks, he thought he would do better. when it came to the problems
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that were being confronted, when it comes to health care, to president obama when he was pushing forward his radical health care ideas listened to the american people. he thinks he knows better. he thinks he knows how to run your lives and manager health care. when it comes to the environment, he listened to the american people or did he pushed a radical cap and trade agenda that would crush the manufacturing sector? he thinks he knows better. we need a president who listens to the american people when the majority opposed to speak against. with a president who listens to them. the problem is in this
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republican field you have been listening. tonight the voters here and minnesota and hopefully colorado i hope you have been listening to our message. [applause] if you listen to our message and you found out that on those issues health-care, the environment, cap and trade, mitt romney has the same positions as barack obama. in fact he would not be the best person to come out and fight for your freedoms in america. [applause] i did not stand here to claim
6:48 am
to be the conservative alternative to mr. romney. i stand here to be the alternative to barack obama. [applause] tonight we have the opportunity to see what a campaign looks like. this is a more accurate representation of what they will look like.
6:49 am
greatestey's attributes as i have the best money. we have someone that has other attributes to since. it is someone who can get up and make contrasts with president obama. saw someone who can point to the failures of this administration and saybarack obama needs to be replaced in the oval office. [cheers and applause] secret? wire you doing so well? is it the jobs message? we have a great message talking
6:50 am
but everywhere we go, particularly in the industrial heartland. they still make things here in missouri. [cheers and applause] they call this supply-side economics for the working man. you see when you have a republican talking about growth, they are talking about growth for everybody, right? [cheers and applause] americans respond. i do care about not 99% 495%. i care about -- or 95%. i care about the rich and poor. i care about 100% of americans. [cheers and applause]
6:51 am
the message we have been taking across the country is a message of what is at stake in this election. this is something we have seen so evident in the last week. this is an election fundamentally about the kind of country you will handoff to your children and grandchildren, whether they will have the level of freedom and opportunity that you have. we have a president who thinks he knows better and do things we need to accumulate more power for the elite in our country to be able to govern you because you are incapable of liberty. believes. if we do not have a republican
6:52 am
nominee, they make the case to the american public. this is about a country that believes in god-given right and the constitution that is limited to protect those rights. [cheers and applause] the president does not believe that. he has tried to tell you that the government can get you right. the government can provide for you. look what happens when the government gives you rights.
6:53 am
when the government gives you rights, the government can take them away. when government gives you right, the government can tell you how to exercise those rights. we saw that in the last week with a group of people, just catholics. [cheers and applause] they were told you have a right to health care bill you will have the health care that we tell you if you have to give your people, whether it is with the teachings of your church are not. i never thought that the first generation americans whose parents and grandparents love freedom and came here that we
6:54 am
have a first amendment that stood for this perrin they can -- for freedom of conscience and we would have a president of united states who would roll over that and impose his secular -- that stood for this. he imposed his secular values. it is worse than that. when one of the catholic bishops try to communicate that to army chaplains, the obama administration said the can and do that because your language is judicious. -- is seditiousthey made them change the letter of a bishop to his people. freedom is at stake in this election. we need to be the voice of freedom.
6:55 am
[cheers and applause] in that founding document, they sign their names. -- those founders signed their names. the last clause of that document said we pledge our lives, our fortune, and our sacred honor. every generation of americans does not create freedom. they have a harder job. they have to maintain freedom. your charge tonight here in missouri, and because we are not done yet, we have a caucus coming up. [cheers and applause] you can go out and pledge not your life i -- lives but maybe
6:56 am
your fortune and your honor that you stand on. is the website. your honor is at stake. you can go out and preserve the greatest country in the world. thank you all and god bless. [cheers and applause] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012]
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>> rick santorum finished first and missouri gop presidential primary and minnesota's caucus last night. here's a look at what is ahead in the presidential primary caucus schedule. in the state of maine, the caucuses wrapup on saturday. primary voters go to the polls in arizona and michigan at the end of the month. washington state holds its caucus on march 3. super tuesday takes place on march 6. there are gop contests in 11 states on super tuesday including caucuses in alaska, idaho, north dakota, and wyoming. there are primaries in oklahoma, tennessee, georgia, ohio, virginia, vt., and massachusetts. you can follow the road to the white house
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>> my friends knew an america where freedom is made real for all. without regard to race or believe for economic conditions. [applause] i mean a new america which everlasting light attacks the ancient idea that men can solve their differences by killing each other. [applause] >> as a candidate's campaign for president, we look back at 14 man who ran for the office and lost critical to our website, c- contenders, to see video of contenders who had a lasting impact on american politics. >> the process of the radical liberal left continues to offer only one solution to the
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problems that confront us -- they tell us again and again and again -- we should spend our way out of trouble and spend our way into a better tomorrow. [boos] >> contenders. >> in a moment, more about the caucuses last night and primary results. plus, today's news and calls and your e-mails log on "washington journal." and the house is in at 10:00 a.m. eastern. this afternoon, work on a line item veto on discretionary spending and spending bills. live coverage is on c-span. coming up this hour, the vice chairman of the house armed services committee, republican congressman mac thornberry of texas will take questions about proposed cuts in defense spending. new jersey democratic represti


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